Kent Borgstrom



Heroes of Complexity

heroes of complexity come get next to me
and become a beacon to the dull in the corn husks
who cluck with self-important good luck
who are getting lewd with their thumbs up
checking traits, boxes, basting in beta toxins, mating Dawkins farewell
to mytho-poetry and piss on the notary of certified fresh copies
that’s kitsch and coup and highway robbery
but drive as we do to the magnetized target
the powerful pull is ardent regardless of how you squirm and exclaim
there’s a grin you can’t guard against
somewhere lies the truth of confidence circulating fluidly
this is the way I undo me
belief in physical coincidence
material hints of miracle prints in ink
whorls traverse the unborn thumb
embryonic healing logic, as the skin collides and displays its tectonics
hope reborn implies and posits in trace amounts of God
grace amounts to loss and awe at the scope of it
mouth half open to bait the abyss
half-hoping herd behaviour
a broad razor and no less sharp for it, no less corporate
open hearted, as in surgery
the blood machine takes all escape attempts personally
all conspirators may expect no mercy, mercy me
word smiter, curse writer, hearse rider, hallucinator
here and there of a lucid nature
you may find this a nuisance later
the sun substitute, a moth signal
has got your goth antenna atingle
on a planetary channel, digable
communilingual, kicked over the ink well
wink wink, oh well, follow the footprints
those will make for some real good hints
helpful in this – an ice age of gloss
a couple k thick and thousands across
and there in the background, crouching, are your thoughts
to the effect you are taking a thorough loss
intractable, you head back to the tractor pull
and though not too tactful, you do tuck back well
of course I feel the instinctual crackle
and lo again I talk into a black hole
space collapses till the circle can’t be held
and I am asking: is there candy in hell?
if no I won’t die, I refuse to know what that’s like
I’ll be haunting myself from a future past life
excuse me while I give this ghost a high five


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