Tom Hardy ≈ Four Poems




This cat pulled a string
around its earth
and tonight both ends have met
and the cat dry in mouth
ragged and ecstatic is.

You felt it tug your foot
naked with love
and knock but not break
a vase, a lamp, joining up
you below and you above.

Who is following who
is a knotted thing to ask:
I caught sight of my body
bootless in the bay
and like the cat I had a task.

This night is particular
a birth from here to there,
and I just know, drawn
as I must be, I am that cat,
licking bloody air…..



Let the color out. Perhaps
you were influenced by poison.

A hedge was shaken over you
as if you could rest in peace

with flickering intentions
garnishing you towards others.

So let it crawl and fall
splashing the white of the eye

and one more thing, everything
was vastly important like you thought

and all those shadowy messengers
were not the best of times

when crazy, their muddled feet
tractionless, breath grey and brown,

and the word itself
carcass gutted of beauty.

I thought I would end
because you too need to make me better.



Pluck: Grilled Cheese by Injection

and his beard tempestuously
out of this world
ruddering him helpless
swaddled the burst eggs of his eyes

and his paper cap capsizes
as he sways
agitating cracked shells of traffic
whisking with plastic claw

and his right into flakes and paste
a path of crackers
supplicating and inaugurating
with string on the bridge of the mechanical

and his knife a clown on his back
sequence oil sequence
crossing tribes of bodybuilders
cavorting photographically on ramparts

and his five minutes he reports
a quick recipe
galvanized wrappers of gravy
pools and patches dogged in the mouth




The heart pumps
inspecting the
it pumps found blood
evenly. The words
can be funneled like this
the beautiful rocky flesh spread
between sheets of
sky within easy reach
linguistically clean
enemies brush and paint
up the ladder.

Is this rump of
grass no problem?
Marsh silver holds
films of breath for us
dogging off to a duck
chopping water to a rug
to do about knowing better
to tell us why
spiritual bungling


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