Sandra Hartline ≈ Two Poems



For Gabe

You rode a bicycle across my lawn
picked up a ripe plum
and put it into my hand
I fell in love with your clothes
with their smell

then your drum sound


The Dollmaker’s Daughter

The dollmaker’s daughter was chubby.
Her mother made dolls from soft cloth
Whrr-rrr on the sewing machine
In the middle of the night
In her preoccupation, her mother did not notice
Her daughter’s tears
Blue eyes lost in folds of puffy flesh

What she did notice
Was that the daughter’s arms were hanging loosely from her body
Time to sew her up! the mother thought
Whrrr-rrr in the night

The daughter was all right then
but pinched looking
with occasional sawdust seeping from her pores


2 thoughts on “Sandra Hartline ≈ Two Poems

  1. Brian d'Eon says:

    Haunting… loved it.

  2. Sandra Hartline says:

    Thanks, Brian. A little late for me to notice, but thanks


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