The Lie

… ergatswisheetzz that will be all Smithers has no memory of the white disc or its names are Luna and triceratops the list of blind fools tread lightly where wise persons of no particular gender such as Ken and Barbara seen bathing in the nude dollies have no num nums numsie clumsie chumsies frolic heartlessly without the idiot tornado of meaningless recogita will pass away leaving the clear sky of an empty mind contains nothing but sees more clearly what happens in front of and behind …

… my face, thought Blochman, laying rocks on the three bodies, so that no more animals could devour them but also that Soraya would not see them when she came outside. But they needed to leave this place and find one of the camps where people had banded together to resist evil and protect what is beautiful and true.

   What’s so beautiful about the truth? asked Soraya. The truth is that people murder each other and destroy the earth.

   That’s true, said Bloc but it’s also true that they do so because they fail to see and feel the whole truth about being human and instead accept a narrow, wicked lie.

   What lie? asked Soraya.

   The lie says that we will get rid of the pain inside us if we kill the people  who cause this pain, the enemy, the outsiders and shape shifters who conspire against us.

   But, if it’s not other people, what causes the pain? she asked.

   The lie, said Bloc.
The lie that makes us think and feel and act as if we were more or less human than others, the lie that we have no choice but to live in a hostile and divided world.

   The lie that killing the enemy will kill the pain.
The lie about the pain and its cure is what causes the pain.



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