Unexpected Message From a Friend


It stayed with me all day:
Sunlight on the yellow-turning leaves
was like his hair, his eyes, his skin,
was like love that wells up from within
and settles, like a little pool
catching sunlight.
I hold this in my hand
and up against my heart.

You spoke of love in present tense
four years after his last good-bye,
as if there was a door that I could open
just turn the knob and step into the autumn sunlight
and I would find love standing there
smiling, waiting
like sunlight in my hand,
held up like this against my heart.



Before We Sleep


It is you who puts the candle out.
As you reach over me
your fingers brush me, I say
and lie there looking up at you
your eyes soft,
hair and skin like August grass.

I lift my hand to touch your cheek both
rough and soft,
take in the way your smile holds
the candle’s light.

With thumb and finger you snuff the flame
and save your breath for
my cheek.
Gentle promises with feet
touching, breeze through leaves outside
while we




I slipped, and said your name beside the lake today
I had ocean on my mind.
The rock cliffs, the pounding,
the pink calm at sunrise.
Are you surprised? That after all this time
the waves, the fine spray, the salty air
all this in mind, beside my own fair lake
still makes my heart race.



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