March 2012 ≈ Number 7

Congratulations to the Elephant Mountaineers: our readers, writers and supporters.

This month marks the seventh issue of Elephant Mountain Online and the Launch of the print journal The Elephant Mountain Review No 1.

There is something to be said for making the journal biannual. Will we be able to bring out No. 2 in September? If we do we will need to enlist more of your help with production. Anyone out there know (or would like to learn) Adobe InDesign? We will also need proofreaders and people who would be happy to talk to grantors and potential sponsors — let’s make a deal!

Writers in this issue (in no particular order): Bree Switzer, Billy MacPherson, Denis Foley, Mark Mealing, Sandra Hartline and Phil Mader. We are also delighted to include a fine photo essay by Nelson’s Fred Rosenberg. Click on the author name to go directly to her/his post.

SUBMISSIONS and enquiries:  Please send one to five poems. Prose pieces should be no more than 1500 words. Send as straight emails (if formatting does not matter) or as attachments in  Word, pdf or Google Docs. I have no time to fix errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation or typos so please weed them out before you hit SEND.


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