Mark Mealing



Late Snow


Far, far from the Middle Realm
new dragon boats search these waves
yet Chu Yuan’s long gone
gone with the weeping phoenix
& the Kai Lin sickens & limps away

Our ruler keeps his court leashed tight
& heaps sacrifices to greed & anger
his boot pressing the land & people

When it’s autumn, cling to summer
when it’s spring, bid winter farewell
this late chill shocks hopeful buds
late flakes sting my face sharply
spring is a faint & doubtful memory

The Master said:
Good ones love mountains
Wise ones love water



One thought on “Mark Mealing

  1. This is a wise and wonderful poem, Mark. Also poignant, in that I kept ‘seeing’ Jack Layton as the Kai Lin, limping away and the current ruler, well, I shudder to proceed!
    One question: I love the Master quote which you finish with. Are you the Master and may I quote you as such or is this a reference from a classic? Thank you for all. Caroline

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