MAY 2012 ≈ NUMBER 9



The launch of The Elephant Mountain Review, a new print journal based on material submitted to this blog, went off like a roman candle above the heads of a large & delighted crowd of readers and writers in the spacious auditorium of SelfDesign High last Friday night

in the strange old town of Nelson which has been bursting from the buds of the plum and hazel trees well watered by the rains of early May which is, as Stephen Dedalus described the weather in Dublin, inconstant as a baby’s bottom line we sold a goodly number of our brave new literary journals and the rest are now flying off the shelves at Otter Books as well as Booksmyth, just a skip down the street, where there has been some talk in the basement final Friday readings about holding a small launch in Nude Enver perhaps or Kast Low as i have been of late with a bit of a cold but still keenly feel the need to bring out a fall issue to bracket the year and to this end i look forward to meeting with some of the new members of the Horsefly Literary Society who signed up at the Launch where they also got to eat a quantity of homemade organic tarts, Judy Deon’s fantastic Nanaimo bars, the other great product of Nanaimo being Diana Krall, but i digress from the main point that this is the ninth issue and we continue to receive work of GREAT quality as you will see below and we will surely put some of this wonderful poetry and prose in the Fall Issue of The EMR so buckle up and prepare for a ride with Rachel Castor, Mark Mealing, Phil Mader, your humble miner poet and a new discovery, the fine poetry of Castlegar’s F. Paul Markin.

We need to hear your voice too! Send some poetry or creative prose either as an attachment (word, google doc, pdf) or as a direct email to doug@elephant and come to the open reading on Friday, May 25 at Booksmyth fine books (beside Dominion Cafe).



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