June 2012 ≈ Number 10

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OKAY. It’s June. Local bookstores still have a few copies of the Elephant Mountain Review but they won’t hang around. They have been well received at various waiting rooms in Nelson, at Jennie’s Garden in Winlaw, Your Arts Desire and 1896 Books in Kaslo—operated by the venerable and erudite Ian Fraser. I have taken several advance orders for the fall/winter issue, telling subscribers that it will be coming out sometime in September.

This issue contains a wonderful memorial poem about the Metis heritage of Josie Ahearn, two very different but equally vivid pieces by Kathy Hartley, a wry nostalgic fiction about love by Sandra Hartline five different vistas of the exotic inner world of Denis Foley and a sort poem by Laurence A.G. Moss.

Please Note The Visual Essay by Toronto Artist Franke James: WHAT IS HARPER AFRAID OF?

Send your verse or creative prose, flash stories, postcard novels etcetera, either as an attachment (word, google doc, pdf) or as a direct email to doug@elephant mountain.org and come to share the communion of readers and writers at our open reading at the Booksmyth Underground on Friday, June 29 at Booksmyth fine books (beside Dominion Cafe).



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