Poetry Slam This Sunday



Blessed Slam Family,

This Sunday the 8th, come witness the awesome spectacle of massive verbs colliding before your very eyes. And all at SelfDesign high, in the Legion Hall (402 Victoria St).

As always, the slam is scheduled to begin at 7pm. However, if you would like to help be sure that we start on time, feel free to show up 15 minutes early to help set up chairs and volunteer for a slamtask!

 For those interested in performing, simply bring a couple poems, each under 3 minutes long, and all the feeling you can muster. Prizes from local donors consist of: $25 from Brian Kelsch at Nesbitt Burns, a $15 gift certificate from Grounded Cafe and a $10 gift certificate from Otter Books.

 Thanks again to the John Ward Coffee and SelfDesign High. Thanks also to Polestar publishing who has offered to do our color printing, free of charge! I’d also like to shout out to i9 Design, who have been hosting our website (sorely in need of updating as it may be), since the beginning of the slam.

Additionally, it feels pertinent to note that the Introduction to Performance Poetry course that I am teaching at Selkirk College, Tenth St. campus, was postponed! Classes begin next week, 8:30 to noon on July 9th, 11th and 24th. We’re going to delve into both the breadth and depth of performance poetry (including, but not limited to, slam poetry) and use a combination of writing and theatre exercises to help cultivate and invigorate our voices as poets. You can register here.


Yours in verse,




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