Phil Mader ≈ Poem On The Death of A Friend





A desert sand storm

Yet, not so

It’s a cat dying

With the sand in your eyes

With tears in your eyes

With a dying that billows

Sand all around you

And you lose your way

And you know now

He will never return

Where whence he came

Your quiet safe home

Circled by the brightest love

And the wind whips your face

And puts a weight on your shoulders

But it is nothing like the weight

Of dying

And this stumbling blindly, burdened

Through the storm

Is an old cat’s journey to death.

He is mute but there is nothing to say

Really there isn’t

There is only keeping the tears from flooding

The world

So you wave goodbye with fake good cheer

And the heart has become a heavy packsack

Filled with memories of gold as fine as

Sand , as beautiful as your Moroccan sandals

Now caked on the hard leather.

And it’s hard to breath in a sand storm

It’s hard to believe that perhaps indeed

The end has come.

And an old cat’s eyes do not open in a sand storm

Nor does his hair shine

And if you run to offer water

He will refuse, nor eat the morsels you’ve prepared

For destiny awaits him at a certain clock

Really, there is no time to lose.

So you watch him drag himself another step

Or two

And your waving fingers can hardly be seen.

For a moment his adored adoring eyes open

And softly instruct you

There is no following allowed

And… he disappears.



2 thoughts on “Phil Mader ≈ Poem On The Death of A Friend

  1. jean says:

    yes it is so real and one wants it to be that way forever, but all things, yearn to seems

    very nice write……fill your soul with another, he would want you to…

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