Geoff Weston ≈ God & Five Other Poems





bound to speak
bound to say
bound to seek
come what may

bound to come
bound to go
bound to hold on
bound to let go

bound to lies
bound to truth
bound in between
bound forsooth

bound to stand still
on the track
bound to go forward
bound to look back

bound to sit
bound to set
bound to remember
bound to forget

bound to spectacles
bound to sounds
bound to boundaries
bound to bounds

bound to falter
bound to stall
bound to balance
bound to fall

bound to bend
bound to blend
bound to make
and make amends

bound to bind
bound to bone
bound in tangent
bound alone

bound to gather
bound to tether
bound in blood
and bound together

bound to travel
to the end
bound and bound
and bound again

bound at last
to confess
bound to boundless





god was reading the bible
he was bored
very bored
he’d read it many times before
many times
–  there wasn’t a lot else to do in eternity

he started at the beginning again
he’d never understood it
–  even though he’d written it  –
he found it insufferably boring

in the beginning was the word
what word?
the creation  – seven days and nights
why seven?
why not seven billion years?
why boast?
adam  –  eve  – serpent
that fairy tale
couldn’t he have come up with something better?

and then all those names
all that family genealogy
so tedious
why had he written that stuff?

he tore out a wad of pages and tossed them aside
what a load of rubbish!
why was he such a bad writer?

he was sick of himself
he went to look at himself in the mirror
yes, he was ugly too
a failure as a writer
and ugly to boot

he looked haggard, hollow-eyed
his writing hand was trembling
what was wrong?
how could he write all the stuff that was in him
with this withered appendage
that shook of its own accord?

what’s wrong with human sacrifice?
–  where did this thought come from?
he didn’t need to justify himself
no need to be defensive
why pay heed to criticism?
he was too sensitive
far too sensitive

oh it was horrible
the whole thing was hideous
he wished he’d never created the world
there were just too many problems
too many problems

why invent such things?
it was all foolishness
imagining things   creating things
why not just let nothing be as it was  – nothing?
and be content with it
why couldn’t he have just left things alone?

he got up
and walked to the other side of heaven
it wasn’t far
god, it was bleak   –   barren
he was tired
tired of all this
tired of thinking the same thoughts

if only there was someone else
to talk things over with
someone like himself
but there was no-one

it was lonely here
it had always been lonely
and creation hadn’t been the answer
no  –   it hadn’t

he raised his hand
stroked the tangled knot of his beard
and stared into the emptiness



head off


we’re going to cut your head off
that’s what we’re going to do
but don’t worry, it won’t hurt.
what we do is, we measure the neck
the thickness and length
examine the muscles, sinews and vertebrae
to ascertain the kind of resistance
there will be to the blade
then we select the correct weight of the axe
and sharpen the blade  –
it’s the time-honoured method
practiced by executioner’s of old   –
they didn’t want the neck half severed
the head hanging to one side
one eye looking back at the body
or if they did
if they were sadistic
the victim  –  if he had the money  –
would bribe the executioner
handing over some silver
and pleading for a clean cut.
but you, you’re not going to have no problem
it’s going to be a clean cut
clean as a whistle
no money need change hands
and i’ve got nothing against you personally
in fact i think you’re a decent type
and in a funny way i sort of regret
having to chop your had off
but there you go
let’s get it off



past the prologue


past the prologue
past the play
past whatever
people say

past the page
past the print
past the pen
and past the ink

past the form
past the cast
past the statue
standing fast

past the streamers
past the flags
past the beggars
past the rags

past the palace
made of paste
past the monument
to waste

past the medals
and salutes
past the pomp
and shining boots

past the lies
past the tricks
past the lap-dogs
past the licks

past the priest
past the purse
past the cross
past the curse

past the rind
and past the crust
past the entrails
in the dust

past the trouble
past the strife
past the cudgel
past the knife

past the city
past the stage
past the actors
in the cage

past the wheel
and past the dice
past the piece
and past the slice

past the image
past the clay
past the price
we have to pay

past the junction
past the joint
past the purpose
past the point

past the future
past the past
past it all
past – at last



proper cheese


oh yes, i remember we was here before  –
i remember because the lady wot served us was so nice
a volunteer she was, so she said
imagine that  – working for nothing
just for the love of it
well she was probably lonely and wanted to meet people
anyway she served us a nice cup of tea, didn’t she?
do you remember the cups?

–  and then i said I think i’ll have a cheese sandwich
do you remember that, Alfie?
and you said You can’t be hungry, you had a big breakfast
and i said I know but i just fancy it
and the lady said, Go on and have one  – don’t mind him
and she had such laughing eyes
i think she was Irish
and it was such a nice sandwich
oh it was tasty
proper cheese it was
and the bread was fresh
do you remember that, Alfie?
you must remember it

and then Mabel pops up
you know how she’s always popping up all over the place?
and she says I saw you through the window
You’re not eating are you?
and I says No, i’m just having a bite
and she says What is it, a sandwich?
and i say It’s a nice cheese sandwich
and it’s tasty
and she says It does look nice
and i says Why don’t you have one
and she says Oh, i couldn’t, not at this time of day
and i says Well just have a taste
and she says Oh go on then, cut me off a morsel
and i cuts a corner off for her
and she says Well, that really is nice
and i says It’s proper cheese isn’t it
and she says Oh yes, that is proper cheese, no doubt
do you remember that, Alfie?
do you?



tangled in tassels


they put me in a body
they put me in a face
they put me in a character
they put me into place

they put me in the present
they put me in the past
they put me in the future
and told me to hold fast

they put me in the middle
they put me at the end
they put me on a straight road
they put me round the bend

they poured me into plenty
they squeezed me into poor
they wrung me in a bucket
and splashed me on the floor

they pressed me into service
they pressed me into form
they pressed me into pressure
they pressed me in the norm

they plastered me with plaster
they pressed me into tin
they cast me onto canvas
and fastened me with pins

they put me in a picture
they put me in a play
i read my part carefully
but had no words to say

they put me into sections
they put me into files
they put me into paragraphs
in several different styles

they turned me into red clay
they turned me into ice
they broke me into fragments
and threw me down like dice

they picked me up in pieces
they passed me down the line
they bundled me in ticker-tape
they tangled me in twine

they put me into packets
they placed me in a tin
they hung me on a meat hook
they dangled me on string

they tangled me in tassels
they tied me up in silk
they dipped me into mercury
and floated me in milk

they sealed me in a barrel
they nailed me on a shoe
they tied me to the topsail
i fluttered and i flew

they bound me to a flag-pole
they pinned me to the mast
they roped me to the rudder
and there they made me fast

they trussed me like a turkey
they basted me with fat
they put me in an oven
i roasted and i spat

ruled out with a ruler
divided here and there
subtracted by a fraction
squared into a square

multiplied by multiples
divided by a sum
added to addition
turned into a sum

present tense was stenciled
stenciled on the brain
common sense was penciled
in the pouring rain

fixed into a fixture
fastened in the hold
mixed into a mixture
poured into a mould

section after section
faction after fact
fiction after fiction
action after act

sanction after sanction
relegation rule
monkeys in re-training
apes attending school

some summoned someone
some summoned none
some simmered slowly
some were overdone

some relied on action
some relied on thought
some were frozen traction
some were frozen thought

some were hesitation
some were bold as brass
some were indecision
some were clear as glass

some of us were singers
some of us were sung
some of us were ringers
some of us were rung

some blew only windward
some blew with the breeze
some couldn’t stand the heat
some could only freeze

some were summoned early
some were summoned late
some allowed to enter
some left at the gate

some of us were simpletons
lost along the way
some of us were samples
placed upon  the tray

some of us were hunters
some of us were fed
some of us were leaders
some of us were led

some were given marrow
some lost all their lead
some were given plasma
some of us were bled

some of us were fit to fight
some were fit to fall
some were fit for nothing
not a thing at all

some of us were silent
some of us were numb
some of us were deaf and blind
some of us were dumb

some of us remembered
some of us forgot
some of us surrendered
some of us did not

some burned their bridges
some burned their boats
some of us who couldn’t swim
even burned our floats

some blew on embers
that flared in the night
some simply lit their minds
and set the world alight

some were incandescent
some could not be tame
some were marks and some were sparks
some turned into flame



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