Margaret Hornby ≈ Poems



Basho at Yamadera Station


he  is wearing brightly coloured leotards and a red plaid shirt

wind turns cold
            Basho bends    
removes his sandals puts
his  black tabi stockings on his bony feet
     carefully placing each toe into the proper place –

            his portly companion looks away.



Tone Poems


—keepers of this land
 trees, birds and yours truly

The day is warming
Clouds, barely there,

the deciduous trees draw triangles to vie with the Evergreens
on Elephant mountain

the morning I cross over the wind is against me
the dark evergreens reflected in a lake
A minature sky-in this last great wilderness

 we make our imprint

In Mid winter ghost like triangle turn to crosses to
outline the birch and aspen

And one day on Elephant Mountain …  gradually
the softness of green,
    *        *        *

Love, trees, birds and yours truly

The day is warming a sky so blue I can almost cry
A wilderness where we have made our mark, embrace life, face it full on
Like the wind going against me
the morning I crossed over
A plethora of green,the trees reflection in a lake  green, green, evergreen
Every spring is the future!
It’s a territory not written in any ledger
Only in the ospreys cry,
The eagle’s watch—keepers of this land

Comes summer’s blaring symphony all around

on every mountain

 A cowboy playing a guitar on Elephant Mountain

        if I see then                 I might feel        
read  your face like                   a poem         
call you                  
my boatman





         intent on a             distant horizon                 

 eyes                on  me
a lovely  lovely, man             floating through my finger

         watching me    as I swim        

I feel your    body

                Release me                

         to  speak of                           your    grace and beauty    

Of Siddartha,           paddling against the current


sadness is a valuable treasure that you only discover in those you love
                    Egyptian proverb



Riding a wave without a board


I’m four or five when
I step off the rocky ledge
I’m over my head
begin to dog paddle back to you
My Mom watches from the beach
On Salt Spring Island

Why didn’t you save me? I sputter,
I knew you could save yourself, my Mom says

I learned to love the water watching your sure and slow stroke
breaststroke across Cultus Lake

I learned to ride the wave without a board
To love the world
To know grief—

It’s not what I would of chosen
I would have been a dancer
I could be a runner and have a whole stadium sing
Waltzing Matilda
Come from Ethiopia and win every race
A poet … who brings a singer to her knees
A sailor on an emerald sea.
Become Emo in Bagdab and get on a hit list





A singer named K’naan Waves a flag
and we sing along
All over the world

Soybeans must love people too for
Over thousands of years they continue to
Survive & germinate
Their secret ?
Soy beans keep changing colours

A poet needs a season
a reason to to survive
a desire
to  walk the walk

I learned to march in China

Over there-when you cross over


      I was America’s man
      President- King of the world
      My name is Richard Nixon now I’m
     Living in the projects with my two little girls

      — Call me Rose by Bruce Cockburn



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