Nelson Poetry Slam


Slam Poster Dec 12


submitted by Samuel Stevenson


(A note right off the bat: December’s Poetry Slam will be on the THIRD Sunday of this month, rather than the SECOND Sunday. We will be gathering at SelfDesign High on December 16th at 7pm this month. SelfDesign is hosting a FairTrade fair on December 9th, which sounds like a beautiful event, but there WILL NOT be a poetry slam between those walls that night).

Onwards: December is just around the corner, temperatures are dropping below freezing more and more often, the sleet is flying and the snow is coming. Heat it up? Let us slam.
Performers (ie: anyone with some poems to perform): bring along two poems which must be no longer than three minutes. Audience: just come. The slam starts at seven, and you’re more than welcome to come a wee bit early and help set up the chairs an schtuffs. That would be awful sweet, actually.

Additionally, we are going to implement a portion of the slam for anyone who wants to perform but does not want to compete: There will be a Literary Open Mic to warm up the room and the microphone. Poets wanting to perform in the Lit. Open Mic must have one poem that is no longer than three minutes long. Open Mic participants will not participate in the slam competition but will be allotted stage time, regardless, right at the beginning of the evening.

A reminder to poets: no props, no costumes and only original poems qualify.

Prizes from local donors consist of: $25 from Brian Kelsch at Nesbitt Burns, a $15 gift certificate from Grounded Cafe and a $10 gift certificate from Otter Books.

Thanks again to SelfDesign High; John Ward Fine Coffee; Polestar Calendars; Brian Kelsch from Nesbitt Burns; A Course in Miracles, Nelson; Jennie’s Garden Books and Gaia Tree Whole Foods.

Holla, Nelson! Get your word on.

PS: SelfDesign High is on the corner of Victoria and Stanley, right across from the library. Enter through the front door, climb the steps and you’ll be there.


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