Margaret Hornby




 Ride the Wave


I learned to love the water watching your sure and

slow stroke breaststroke across Cultus Lake

to ride the wave without a board

To love the world

To know grief—

It’s not what I would have chosen

I would have been a dancer

I could be a runner and have a whole stadium sing, Waltzing Matilda

Come from Ethiopia and win every race

A poet … who brings a singer to her knees

A sailor on an Emerald sea.

Become Elmo in Baghdad and get on a hit list

This year in the Kootenays

wrote so hopefully

of leaves letting go

of Gai holding on

like you, like me.

Dr. Mel Reasoner says,  “Our Grandkids should have the opportunity for as comfortable life as I have had.”

It has rained for forty day and nights,this year of the Lord 2012 in spring

The water is rising near the lake

by the rivers, creeks

The flowering maple trees left too soon

The wooly blossoms of the Cottonwood trees fall like soft snowflakes

Mountains Ash— pale lush spring green

The Chestnut’s candelabra, each blossom a painting of spring and peaches,

a butterfly woman fluttering by on the stony street in Sana

The day is warming a sky so blue I can almost cry

A wilderness where we have made our mark, embrace life, face it full on

a miniature sky    dark evergreens floating in a lake

Like the wind going against me the morning I crossed over

A plethora of green, the trees reflection in a lake green, green, evergreen.

the lake waits and you return, I swim a few strokes, rise up and shout, scream,

My body tingles, its alive, it shouts and shouts

I step off the rocky ledge

I’m over my head; begin to dog paddle back to you

My Mom watches from the beach on Salt Spring Island

Why didn’t you save me? I sputter,

I knew you could save yourself.



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