Jennifer Lount-Taylor ≈ Remember Me




Remember Me


when I cannot ─


when I muddle

the same questions

until my mouth drools dry

and choke

crying out

for your repeated reply,

for any sound, any touch

that hints of you

that assures me

you’re still near

that I’m still here ─


when I break

away in search of me

of who I used to be,

limbs floundering

for direction

eyes frantic

for connection,


to how pathetic

I will appear

to you ─


when the clumps

and tangles

stick and strangle

my brain

into final forgetfulness

and my wild eyes

lock in a stuporous stare,

no longer knowing you

no words, no way

of showing you

how deeply I still care ─


until then

until it is all too much for you

please remember me


when I cannot ─



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