Pippa Bowley ≈ Poem


Pip & ellen at paulson-04354


Child’s Eye


My Mother was strong.

made her strong.
She laughed
at almost everything.

made her strong.

she was reading Kipling’s Just So Stories
to us in the bathtub
and the word, “Limpopo River”
made us all laugh so hard
that her water broke
and my little brother
began to be born. 

My mother
was stronger than god.
and I was afraid
she would come to know
of the terrible crimes i kept hidden.

i crumpled myself up
like the stolen
money in my hand,
held my breathe
and waited for her to go away.

My mother
is still strong.
She had not one but two heart attacks;
and still she lives.

My little brother makes films
near the Limpopo River in Africa,
but returns home often
to make my mother laugh.

and I begin to uncrumple myself
to laugh again with her;
because she did not
go away



2 thoughts on “Pippa Bowley ≈ Poem

  1. jeglatter says:

    Beautiful! Wonderful that you have a mother like that! Water breaking stories are some of the best.:)

  2. Love “My mother/ was stronger than god”. Good one, Pippa.

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