denis foley ≈ three poems





for Richard Carver


He’s gone.

Swept away by time’s ebbing tide

Swirling into the whirlpool

Of our memories

Into the chamber of lit images

Flickering screens bereft of sound

Such as his laughter coming round

The corner by the coffee shop.


He’s gone

And the Pipers slow march to thudding muffled drums

Then the keening comes;shrill cries by lamentations moans

Chill the ragged wind, their drones and chanters

Wail the names of Death.

How the Flowers of the Forest

Have now all gone awa’

Yet somewhere faraway ,on some jagged warring border

Highland Soldiers still laugh and boast

In whisky the Regimental Toast,

Here’s tae us.There’s none like us

And theys that are like us? They’re a’ deid!


He’s gone

And with him went his wicked smile

The rakish hat,the sense of style

That described his painted world

The light within his crackling eye

Replete with mountains,river,sky

Burned with questions. How and Why.

His brush is stilled,his canvas furled

His colours flutter at half mast.

Richard’s journey will still continue

But his time with us has passed.



Prison Hulk


We are prisoners at the capstan

Pushing the hours away

Hauling life by life

Across history’s two edged knife.

The nation lies plundered

As the strangers hack and spill

The blood smoking in the scuppers

As contending shantymen fiddle

Dancing on the capstan head

Fancy footwork standing still.


Existence a sea of lives

Now, the ship with room

For just a few.


Our Lady of the Waterfront

Serene surveys the crowded quay

Blue blind gaze reflecting

Shimmer shifting sea

The lost,the found,the free.

Flower-pots in hotel windows

Diesel rainbowed water

Cool gates to faraway

To where I want to be.





Black Butterfly,charred pages

Lies ascending through tears

Diluted by the rain

Wings buckling beneath the strain

Is there nothing to heal the wounded

To make them weep again.


Until then

You shall have nothing of me

But the ripple on the surface

Where I dived into the everlasting sea

My absence will heal those weaknesses

In the eternal fabric, the recurring rhyme

As I swim forever in oceanic time.



One thought on “denis foley ≈ three poems

  1. daen says:

    i loved these pieces…the poignant character in the first; the existential nature of two and three..very finely crafted; each so different, and so true to own inner dimensions…a great pleasure to read; looking forward to your future work

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