Radha Paula Neilson ≈ Two Poems




Crow Wings


a steep hillside in the woods

air hangs chill and still


broken by sound of wings

beating air in steady rhythm

flying straight between trees

two crows on a mission

draw me in…

another world beckons



The Renegade


A different bird calls from the wood edge

A woodpecker hammers away

at the hard bark of centuries

working against the grain

slow headway, one task at a time

I search for your lips in wiry mustache

hair wild from the night

strands of your beard defy convention

shoot off in their own direction

Rubber boots slog confidently

through the marsh

My steps tentative

on unseen uneven ground

water seeps up and outward

I struggle to pass tests

easy for your wayward soul

Seeds cling to my purple pants

My camera seeks elusive cranes

The pond floods over its banks;

raw beauty, emotion uncontained

The water finds its way

back to the creek



3 thoughts on “Radha Paula Neilson ≈ Two Poems

  1. daen says:

    wish i was there…cheers

  2. daen says:

    i feel that renegade, is a most poignant piece, the umbrage of its interior movements, against the beauty that draws the listener in, are awesome, to say the least, thankyou.

  3. daen says:

    crow wings is just so mystical…and ya! crows are….and you silently speak that language, amid the human wordage…thankyou

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