Convergence ≈ Writing a new world



Therese DesCamp photo: Art Joyce

Therese DesCamp
photo: Art Joyce



Submitted by Art Joyce


What is Convergence?


Building on the success of Convergence 2012: Writing for Social Justice, we bring you the Convergence: ‘Writing a New World’ writers’ workshop weekend, June 14-16, 2013.

Designed to nurture writers whose work promotes social and environmental justice, the workshop takes place at Heart’s Rest Retreat Centre, a stunning building in a breathtaking setting in New Denver, BC. To allow maximum attention to your writing and ideas, the weekend is limited to 25 participants.

Just like a series of smaller streams that feed into one great river, convergence brings together writers who care about the state of the world and believe writing is a tool to envision and articulate a new future. This weekend convergence offers presentations, workshops, and dialogue to help writers effectively craft poetry and prose, moving from despair and dystopia to a re-imagined world.

Alanna Mitchell is this year’s key presenter at Convergence. She is the author of international bestseller Sea Sick: the Hidden Crisis in the Global Ocean. A Canadian who writes about global issues, she was named best environmental journalist in the world by the World Conservation Union (IUCN) and the Reuters Foundation in 2000. Alanna specializes in investigating changes to the earth’s life-support systems and travels the world in search of people at the centre of what’s going on.

Tom Wayman, well known for introducing the theme of everyway working experience to Canadian poetry and an author of fiction and short stories, is one of our instructors. He has taught writing widely, including at Nelson’s David Thompson University Centre and the Kootenay School of the Arts, and most recently at the University of Calgary.

Other instructors include Verna Relkoff, an editor and literary agent with the Mint Literary Agency, and Selkirk College creative writing instructor Alameda Glenn Miller, widely published author of the novel Tiger Dreams (Raincoast 2002).

Art Joyce, a familiar name to many West Kootenay residents, will present on the theme, ‘The Call of the Ancestors: Justice for Past, Present and Future.’ A journalist, historian and poet, Joyce will explain how his latest book on the history of Canada’s ‘home children’ led to some startling discoveries about how the past influences the present and future.

Testimonials from Convergence 2012 students

“If you want to write in a dramatic, natural setting, be nurtured by warm and supportive facilitators and eat tasty, nourishing food, I highly recommend a writing retreat at Heart’s Rest.” – Jane Theriault

“How timely to bring together people of good heart and sincere vision, to listen and learn, and inspire each other to better write our stories and share our dreams. Thank you for creating another turning point.”  –Cindy McCallum Miller

“I’m energized tremendously to write more… for the pure joy of creating and fleshing out my ideas!” – Keith Wiley

For more details or to register, please visit



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