Doug Wilton ≈ the living end of the mind





Listening to Samuel Barber’s Violin Concerto

and tired of the rain


if only you could have coolness with light

light without heat

not only in the outer world but in


this bubble of sensation, memory and

symbolic thought you call

your mind


you know you have a mind

because of the way it changes

what you see and hear

going deaf don’t help


the violin is now the voice

of Samuel’s heart

that cries with wonder and with woe


as all great hearts do

at beauty so long sought


only to see that beauty

like your love of it is


some of the time


and slowly melting

into all that it is

and also is not


the brown eyed girl in a fading snap

the light that still burns in her eyes


the quiet tidecast languor

of breathing flesh and bone


the beauty that you find

at the living end of the mind




2 thoughts on “Doug Wilton ≈ the living end of the mind

  1. daen says:

    i really enjoyed the elegance of this, and taking the moment to questions of cognitive
    awareness and such….read much like viewing a waterfall….leave signifigant tresses
    of poetic rain, in my brain

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