keanan swan-azmon ≈ Mysterious Skin




I often try to stare

into myself,

but I don’t know where to look.

Perhaps I’ve just forgotten…

Yes, I think I used to know.

Does my Self

lie at the bottom

of the shelf?

Hiding between the spines,

or maybe within the lines?

Does my Self

hide in the creek

of the floorboard speak

late at night when I’m alone

with no other around?

Could that little man,

the ego, be me?

The voice that plagues the mind all day,

and into bed too;

that rules my dreams,

and injects the fears

into the seams

in my skin.

So mysterious skin,

I know you can feel the prick of a pin,

but do you believe it?

Mysterious skin,

where do you begin?

I know there’s a zipper somewhere.

I’ll zip you off, and

I’ll slip you off,

Mysterious Skin.



4 thoughts on “keanan swan-azmon ≈ Mysterious Skin

  1. daen says:

    i most love this…had to put into words, already read it twice, and still looking in, perhaps words will come eventually with a few more reads…very original piece

  2. patricia swan says:

    A beautiful insight into the self

  3. margaret hornby says:

    like this very much- original

  4. pippa says:

    strong, original voice, playful, honest,open

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