Clayton McCann ≈ Mango


CIMG4267 kids in Seoul


Strains of the common mango:

Ataulfo, Fajri, Gibbon, Jehovah’s Witness, Lime, Racist Mother makes a visit, Sammar Bahisht, Penguin miniature, Penguin massif, Fingery Alphonse, Ataulfo, the Pink Floyd varietals, Estonia, Anwar Ratole, Massacre at Sprained Ankle, SOHO, Since you left for good this time, Ratnajiri, Lenin’s Tomb, 1326 AD or thereabouts, did we mention the planet Zenon, Ataulfo, ataulfo, for Christ’s sake, Ataulfo, Sugary Pinion, Wango, and everyone’s favourite,

that’s simply not it at all.

we come to poetry
some of us
when we’ve ceased
to go out into the wide world
when we’ve become more an amalgam of memories
than a spontaneous dandelion seed upon the wind

we come
to poetry
so it might convince us yet again

maybe poetry
the good stuff
can give birth
every reader
each time
we are born again (evangelical now)
born in the truth
the authenticity we find
we hear ourselves saying
“Yes, that is a moment,
a true account
of something that resounded once
in my own soul,
and i never knew its name
until now,
until now.”



One thought on “Clayton McCann ≈ Mango

  1. (a)Bean says:

    Ah! This is insightful

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