Doug Wilton ≈ finding the NOT door




stones under my sandals are ancient memories
on their way to becoming sand

the object is to produce a frame
of silent space
thru which a cavalcade
of clowns courtesans and knights
can valiantly flow

a door into things as it is
the yellow flowers
the hunting bee
the grassy middle of the trail
like the fallen sash of a goddess

bridge load limit
12000 kg gvw

two creeks merge and flow beneath my feet
then two creeks merge and flow beneath my feet
past drooping hemlock boughs

i encounter a little brown squirrel
he looks up at me
turns back
aims two dark eyes at  at me
turns back
then skitters to a higher branch

staggering slightly i drift
thru patches of luminous dirt and leaf-shaped shadows
some great revelation is at hand
the revelation of things as it is
as it lies stands flows
when you open the door in the air

this shall be my testicle
and all the shapes it may contain
a book with only one continuously changing page
and a curious cover called the mind

the mind is a book that is not a book
and a door that is not a door
between what is no more and
what never was before

the mind is a creek
i look at its banks and see
what it has left behind
I look into its depth and see
what flows toward us all
including the the terminus of this continuum
of thought, memory and sensation

then i can only be like Leacock’s knight
and ride off in all directions
and be changed
into all the things you are

from one green petal of a pale thimbleberry
the desiccated shell and drooping wings
of a vanished butterfly

the war flows in to fill the mind
that closes the door
to the unnameable whole
closing the door to war
we open the door to This

the mind is a door engraved
with images of the past
sometimes we are so beguiled
by those images that we forget
that they are covering a door
but some of us remember
that there is a path
some find and follow it

finding the door
some of us remember
that we were here all along
but now
no longer distracted by memories
desirous perceptions
and imaginings of future possibilities
we see that the mind itself is the nearest door
to This
because it is the nearest part of This

but a door cannot open to itself
so the mind is also not a door

and we are left without a metaphor
for a mind that is a mind no more
but a flowering of This

and This
as minds unminded plainly see
is all that we really are
from each private stream of thought
to the star sea’s most distant shore



2 thoughts on “Doug Wilton ≈ finding the NOT door

  1. daen says:

    this is a pile of brilliant wordage, surrendered by your fingers..or toes

    reminds me of so much, that i struggled to not know…..i loved the walk thru, the voice,
    that i repeat out loud..a good verbal breakfast and lunch…

    a real break away piece, superb

  2. Thanks Daen,

    I tightened it up a little since I noticed flies buzzing over some of the lines.

    Quite liked After Leaving Pluto.

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