Margaret Hornby ≈ The Midnight Scholar




The Midnight Scholar


The Midnight Scholar

there’s a moment of shining
pearl drops hanging  on wires

minarets against the skyline

Reams of beautiful material displayed
at the entrance of the suq

women fluttering by
bright butterflies
on the stony street in Sana

Poem written on the sky

golden rapeseed field
beneath a black sky

Prairie storm on its way



the clock  ticking

wait and the WORDS will come
A word for Japanese flower arranging

kukui  kukui    rubu, ruby
Kukui hide in grasses below the coconut fronds

kukui  kuku Monique, Monique
The chorus of the frogs

every night while
a tree drops each flower
and every morning the women gather them
to weave exotic leis each day

Red pom pom bloom in the valleys
On giant Ohia lehua trees

5000 varieties of hibiscus nui
come in  all colours

Decades ago she planted the seeds of morning glories  
in Hawaii Pohuehue are pink morning glories
grow wild while
native ones in Canada are  white

 planted morning glories to see blue

when the first poppy in Monica’s garden blooms
its fragile petals so pale
elusive & mysterious
mislead the theme of procreation- nothing to attract the bees
till they penetrate the centre
black deep indigo

a taste

a remembrance     of
an old lover
a moment  of pure brightness

in the silence of invisibility the  midnight the scholar roams

searches every chamber


pleads for eleos

waits for the signs

Ikebana  is the word for Japanese  flower arranging
ike– the world is what you think it is
in Hawaiian



2 thoughts on “Margaret Hornby ≈ The Midnight Scholar

  1. daen says:

    yes you can never ever ever ever, say enough about flowers…..a ikebana of itself, tks

  2. Phil Mader says:

    I like ….I like..: “there’s a moment of shining
    pearl drops hanging on wires”

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