Doug Wilton ≈ taking notes from the crows + 3


taghum park-04870


at the rim scan


August 6


who shapes these words


notes from the crows


5 thoughts on “Doug Wilton ≈ taking notes from the crows + 3

  1. bette says:

    i very much enjoying taking it, this gathering of poems…wilton’s world; each and ever,
    have a marvelous depth of insight, poetic brilliance; and i desire already to read then again,
    before the snow storms

  2. daen says:

    your poetry is so wonderful, so rich in caring for the world in depth, so stunning in your
    words, and rhymes; i drink them as a tea, and feel whole, tks

  3. daen says:

    what are you doing in that little building, looks like you might be a doing a saturday night
    jig or something…

    • Photo: the editor, just after having laid our new floor. Still had to screw the boards down and oil them. This, combined with working on our annual journal, was the main reason there was no August issue.

  4. Phil Mader says:

    From “the lake laps” to “hollow penne”…captivating and rewarding images of nature.

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