Tom Hardy ≈ Fold ‘Em Stunt


taghum park-05114




Supererogatory was the instruction playing the mood

sweeping with bravura wet gravel.

If the individual rolled a boulder-sticky mote

beside the point and over the note muttering

with security. Problem of the dream in the appearance.

Rejoice: walls flung against black transparent bars. Voice:

the inextinguishable theory of de-oxygenated souls

blacking out at the mouth and grabbed quotable

beautiful pulverized place much extant

in the guidebooks scrambled slopes.



One thought on “Tom Hardy ≈ Fold ‘Em Stunt

  1. daen says:

    quite an excellent rendering of snarly grops of soliloquies…wash bucket in hand…

    enjoy, thank you for this…love the courage of pulling the words…as you deem them
    to go…

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