daen davidson ≈ the big heart

October jpegs-05224


i am amazed that the heart and mind, come together in the process of writing poetry..sorta like the Buddhist monks and Chinese brush painter, i am revealed to myself, and my curiosity and sense

of harmony, play, joy, love connects with the big heart called social communication…and i make

such deep and long lasting friends thru it…and i make friends with myself…which to me,

it is all mystery… unraveling, and esoteric; i think having been a student of gurdjieff work for many years, all about feeding different part of yourself…and not getting to obsessed with one center..

poetry the emotional center, to me the essence of surrealism…allows those impressions that

don’t let go, to be introduced again again…because we just don’t know as humans, what is

talking to us, in the spirit….the future seems to call thru poetry; and paradoxes are understood…

and like a crow, or a hummingbird, humans make sounds; to express how life is touching them…

i loved it since, i memorized the children hour by longfellow, and tagores work….

mybe i accumulate poems like a possession…but damn alot of people, have glint something of

worth in my work…and like my paintings that hang everywhere…it is a pleasure to make other

people happy; in honesty i am not much of a plumber, though i want to be…nor a super cook…

like master chefs….so i do what comes natural…put it on the table…and as they say, it is all crow

droppings…and i fine with that…

as long as whales and horses exist…those kind of wonders, i am aware of my humaness…

and what can you do…..but work with ya got.

tks doug for asking, and running my work….i love elephants almost the most.



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