Mary Ann Carlton ≈ the problem with people


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I write to express my inner visions that usually come from a place outside myself. We write to be free from all the social, economical and political structures that keep us conquered and divided; yet writing brings us together in another form. The problem with people is quite simple we have to many of preaching the latest new age ga ga when we all need to sit down shut up and listen to the inner voice. We all want answers while most lay within; but we do have a global system that projects fear and anger into the pit of our soul. We want to change it, we all have the answers do we not. The revolution is inside us not out there, it is when we are of right thinking and doing when change occurs. There is a generation genus in the making lets hope they will overcome the barriers and b.s. There are one billion fractals of human’s on this planet each one stuck in their story or self identity; believing that we are special. When we scale all manifestations down to a lowest common denominator of love we will then have a new frequency. Keeping in mind we are programed conditioned and conformed by design, this will take time to change if at all.

There is nothing more tantalizing than a good read, walk in nature, one or two great friends and a warm community. Community is something that has been replaced by television, computer games and cheap gossip. What is wrong with people; nothing when we see the larger picture because it us who are the cause of our own suffering, and if we believe that we are the ones we have been searching for all along then it is time to shine. Collective consciousness is nothing more than a new group, a new fad, a passing moment in time. Masses of frustrated confused people, what did we expect? Clean good laughter is so important for the mind body and soul, yet is rarely expressed because we have become the puppets to a never ending abyss of elitists agenda.

Self proclaimed healers, medicine prophets, contaminating the whole as most are intoxicated in self importance, missing the mark. The biggest problem with people is they do not know how to share, really, truly share, let me tell you we better either jump on board or jump off to save the precious resources that do exist for what is here, now, and for the future.

No time to waste or hesitate, live life to the fullest, be true to your self, celebrate each moment as if it were the last!



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