doug wilton ≈ another day in Paradise




Another Day In Paradise


Dedalus Beat came to the conclusion that he had died

and was living in heaven

he had always wanted to live in a real world

where real people led their outwardly ordinary lives

so his heaven appeared as a perfectly ordinary

tho beautiful place


where he lived and died in his sleep and

woke up again and again

mostly unaware of his immortality

unaware that he had lived before Before

and would live after After

in worlds whose only link was the resonance

of dreamers dreaming the same dream.


He learned that most of the townsfolk believed

that they had not died but were still living

normal lives on earth

where they sometimes walked around innocently

saying to passersby, Good morning and

Another day in Paradise, eh?


They were folk who had always known

that life would be better in places that

looked and felt and sounded

like the soughing of wind thru mountain pines or

the curious language of crows.

Everyday they woke up from somewhere else

as they were absorbed into a different bundle

of embodied or disembodied dreams.


Gradually he came to understand that everyone who dies

ends up as one of the citizens of Aspenorth and its

connecting valleys and he wondered how many recognized

the true identity of the place.

Failing to see that many plunge into yet another mortal

life and death in heaven

but later they show up on Baker Street as some new visitor 

who thinks he is just stopping for a day or two

until he starts to realize that he has always been here

and that this is where he will always be.


Dedalus himself had gone away to FarWest and Iberica

but in reality the places he explored

were all within the multifarious precincts of heaven.

And he realized that he had never been elsewhere

than in heaven and all there is to do when you discover

that you have always been in heaven is rejoice and try

to keep those who walk raving in their sleep

from hurting themselves and each other.

They sometimes sense that the angels are among them

but seldom realize that they themselves are always

in the realm of angels.

Then one day they wake up at

an unusual altitude of wakefulness

and begin to realize the truth about life and death

and the true name of the world.


And the wider they wake the more they see

that each soul they meet is a kind of angel.

There are several kinds but i will just mention here

the recording angel 


who visits the sleepers with his book

and notes under each one’s name

whether she or he is fast asleep

or still dreaming

and looks down

into the haunted or innocent eyes

of those who are just waking up.




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