geordi campos ≈ teardrops & dialtones



You there
with the eyes whose irises change
with the rise and set of the sun
Do you remember?

I see it reflected in orbs framing
all the pain i need as answer
you do still recall
the times you would cry, my hand on your neck
trying to comfort a fellow
broken souled dreamer

the times you would open
entrance awaiting and we both
sweat drenched chanting incantations
to remind us of heart scars
we hadn’t made yet

Do you remember?
of course you do
for me a time of cruel truths unsaid at moments
wishing I had the gall
to shape lips around phrases like
I never really loved you back
I let my lips lie elsewhere
I count our relationship a mistake

All the words that wound the spirit
Let’s be clear
I never had the guts or heart or lack of it
to break
might have heard those words from others
but never from me

You and I were fluent
ups and downs
teardrops and dial tones
terrible movies and hot tub hot boxes
attempting to smoke out the frigid cold
we were always stoned
two baked goods side by side
somewhere that was nowhere

 Far from invincible we would cut each other
with the jagged edges of our histories
then mix stories and tears like blood
becoming One
or at least an impression
of an image shared

You unfortunately
showed me what I didn’t want
always knowing you deserved someone better
left you in a ship on a sea that wasn’t mine
to sail
and watched you drift away



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