Leannah Fidler ≈ Alone & Infinite






I saw you standing in the doorway
the hood of your sweatshirt up,
even though you were already cloaked in shadows

Watching, waiting

there are no stars tonight
no moon either
the fog settled in
and stubbornly won’t let go

I know how it feels, hanging on.
But I started too late
and my hands didn’t get to that spot on my chest
in time
to keep my heart from leaving
to keep me from turning away

If I were you I would stand there in the shadows
waiting for the stars to crowd the sky.




I fell in love, last summer,
with the tree in my neighbour’s yard.
trunk swathed in emerald moss
hidden under a soft canopy

then the brazen bare-beauty of autumn
of fallen leaves and empty branches
while all around conifers
tower with needle-full boughs

now, white lattice, laden with snow
frozen and standing, still unyielding
while pine branches fall
exhausted by their winter burden

blue sky, finally
as the snowy grip melts
tumults of snow plunging down
as the lattice breaks open sunshine streams in

I am already anticipating
that blush of spring.



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