Daen Davidson ≈ Small Birds Follow The Night


small birds follow the night



to sweep, the amber sun
get up, for the day, the prayer

you left in the dark veil
of becoming, arrives to quench

your beauty, the trust you came
to find, I know, I was there in the

circle, the cathedral spoons, ringing

weeping with my mother’s tongue, now
quiet, i yell with owls, i howl with

one day, she will take me again into
the human sphere, for now i dwell outside

the wall, walking with turtles

we huddle in the vacant beaches

cold to touch, yet still enjoying
the swim, with seals; they saw my

fin, they saw my wing

we travel, a day, at a time
as we wait for you

in the delivery room of sand and bells

it is the mystic’s food
the charms of the absolute

the well, where life dwells





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