January 2014 ≈ Number 28 ≈ New Year Issue


cover 2013.indd


This issue of Elephant Mountain Online features Stuart Ross, Doug Wilton, Daen Davidson, Mark Mealing, Pippa Bowley and Joel Guay.

Many of these writers appeared in the recent trade paperback edition of Elephant Mountain, our annual selection from this online magazine. Now available in local bookstores: Lots of photos to remind you of winter’s hidden secret (Summer!)

JOIN THE PROMENADE: Send your poetry, short fiction and art to doug@elephantmountain.org

We’ll publish it here (if it meets our lofty editorial standards) and if it makes the cut you will see it in our next fine paperback edition.


Booksmyth Open Mic launches a new project: Page To Stage To Page.

Page To Stage is taking a poem that works on a page and helping it work in a performance setting.

Stage To Page is taking a poem that works on the stage and helping it read better on a page of Elephant Mountain or any publication.

The ideal I think would be to make poems that work well on both pages (paper and digital) and in performance settings/videos.

I’ve always liked writing that enables me to hear the writer’s voice in my head and am bored when writers read their stuff as if they were just computers with a text to speech program.  

Booksmyth Open Mic is a venue for both page and performance poets. Page poets can learn more about the value of sound/performance and anyone can use it as a stage to rehearse a piece for the next Slam. 

BOM is also a way to try out stuff you’re thinking of publishing. Elephant Mountain gives  Slam and other writers a venue for pieces that work better on the page and enables them to get public print exposure.

Next Booksmyth Open Mic will transpire on Friday Jan 31.
Doors open: 7:30, Readings/Performances start at 8. 

We welcome both new or experienced writers and spoken word poets. 


Doug Wilton




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