rachel mcgown ≈ home






You’re home
I know it’s true, I can see it with my own eyes
you’re standing in the kitchen
you came it through the front door
your uniform is crisp and shines with medals
Proof of how heroic this whole tragedy was

So I see, that you’re home now
But you’re looking around like you’ve never been here
like you didn’t lay that floor with your bare hands
like we weren’t married in this very room
like you didn’t make love to me on that table right before you left me

You left me
you left me
and they tell me that you’re home now
but all you see are dreams
and all I see are ghosts

You left me
And it’s taken years to figure out how to breath
years to teach my heart to beat around he breaks
years to learn my life without you in it
to convince myself that I could

But you’re home now
you came in through the front door
wearing that same look
the one you had every time I said

I love you

the one that’s waiting for me to take it back

You’re home now and I don’t know if I can back track over
the years I pretended I was fine more hours than I slept
the years I prayed almost as much as I cried
the years I told myself I didn’t need you
the years I almost believed it

But you’re home now
and I can try

You’re home now

You’re home now



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