doug wilton ≈ valentine for a dying friend




valentine for a dying friend


the last time i saw you Caro
in a bed in palliative care
it was clear
that you don’t need to go on a diet

skin draped over those fine bones
but you were remarkably interested
in my work and the life that was going on
around you and would go on
without you

and almost enjoying the new adventure
entering the voyage with an excitement
that reminded me of how small children
enter the new adventure of life

not knowing or caring what came before
just as you don’t know or much care
what may come after

when we last spoke i recalled how
soon after my mother’s death she appeared
at the foot of her grandchild’s bed
and told him that she was in a good place
and not to worry

in recounting that event i clearly saw
that she still lived in little Adion’s heart
and that we who must die will live on

in the hearts that remember something of us
that they will pass on to those
who will love and remember them

so i leave this gift Caro
woven from what we shared
in this life that is deeper than a dream
and rounded with
something stranger than a sleep 



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